quick facts about me

I am a big town girl who was born in Hong Kong and have attended a very traditional boarding school in England. Not quite a Hogwarts but I can relate. I graduated from University of Miami with a BBA and MBA in marketing and international management, with lots of credits earned in fine arts and photography.  I just got another masters from University of Georgia with an internet programming degree.  NERD ALERT! 

Hello! I am Anita. I am so glad you have found me. Let me tell you a little bit about myself...


+ I believe in time traveling. For real.....

+ I love chocolate, fettuccine alfredo and ramen noodles

+ I love solo travel

+ I want to be a dancer at the Martha Graham Dance Company when I was growing up 

+ Country I want to go next: Iceland
+ My dream job: a photographer and travel blogger for the National Geographic 

quick facts about me

I adore capturing anything with movement, gorgeous light, genuine smile and emotion.

My style is CLEAN, AIRY and TIMELESS.

and my favorites

my style

Everyone has a story to tell, every family is unique and I like to listen to your story and capture timeless images of you creating memories with your loved ones, to cherish forever.

modern and minimal

my design style

-Fettuccine alfredo 
-Ramen with fried chicken
-American Horror Stories
-Netflix Junkie

guilty pleasures


Taking photos is my art, my passion, and my pride.

My favorite art teacher in high school once told me: "You have good eyes and your art will take you far." Those encouraging words have led me to come back to my passion after all these years. 


why i became a

My birthday is in the summer, all my favorite childhood memories happened in the summer. 

So much to love: barbeque, time off school,  beaches, pool boys, and eternal daylights. 

is summer

my favorite season

~Japan ~ everywhere and everything is awesome
~England ~obsessed with old boarding schools, cobbled lanes and historical castles
~Delphi, Greece ~ breathtaking mountain view and cheap wine in every restaurants

place to visit

my favorite

My childhood dream was to open up my own studio teaching kids to dance, draw, and play music. 
 I like to tell a story when I create an art piece, and I certainly want to tell YOUR story when I take your pictures. 

I want to create art style photographs that portrait you, a polished version, but the REAL you. 

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody ~ Daymond John 

if you don't know me by now... 

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!